Africash loan app: Get instant online loan in kenya

Africash loan app is Kenya’s unique mobile money lending App, this lending application credits you with low-cost loans with flexible repayment schedules. All you just need to do is to get the cash simply and swiftly straight to your mobile wallet/ Mpesa

In this article, we are going to look into the features of this loan app, how to get africash loan app, the interest rate and how to repay.

How to get africash loan 

• Download the app from Google Play store

• Register with the Africash application

• Get your loan approval on fly

• their secure system verifies your identity in a few minutes

• Your loan amount will be deposited in your Mpesa account

When you register with Africash you get assigned a loan limit after your account is appraised which allows you to borrow instantly any amount equal or less than the assigned limits. Any time you repay your loan on time you get a loan limit increase.

Note: make sure you are not owing any lending platform before applying for loan from africash loan app, so as not to hinder your chances of getting approved.

How do I repay my africash loan?

For you to repay your Africash loan Either:

Open the Africash App and click on Make Payment.
• Go to your Safaricom menu and select M-Pesa
• From your M-Pesa menu select Lipa na M-Pesa
• Select the Pay Bill option
• Enter the business number 4018311
• Enter your registered phone number as the account number
• Enter your payment amount
• Enter your M-Pesa PIN
• Confirm that all details are correct and press OK.

Africash Privacy and Permissions:

Once you download Africash, they will ask you to provide permissions to scan your SMS in order to validate your identity and creditworthiness. Instant loans amount will be credited directly into your M-Pesa account. They will go into thorough steps to secure your private data you share with us using advanced encryption mechanisms. They take your privacy very seriously and promise to never share your information to anyone.

Africash loan features 

Africash is very flexible and charges affordable and low service fee ranging from 9% to 19%.

• The minimum loan amount is KES 200 and Maximum loan amount may range till KES 50000.

• Africash charges a service fee of 9-19% of principal amount.

• The customer determines their own repayment schedule meaning customers may make payments towards their principal at any time after disbursement.

• If a customer has not paid the service fee+ the principle amount on the due date, Africash extends a further 7 days to allow the customer to make the payment.

• Only after the grace period (7 days) has elapsed, a onetime late payment fee which doesn’t exceed the loan principle will be charged on the remaining payable balance. No other fees will be charged after this time.

Notice: All the above information will be displayed in a broken-down form for the customer on the App upon qualifying for a specific amount before a customer accepts to take up the facility.

• Borrowed amount: 1000 KES
• Service/Processing Fee: 150 KES
• Expected Payback amount 1150 KES
• Effective APR: 180%. You will not be charged more than the amount of your interest (plus a one-time extension fee if you do not pay on time).


So far in this article, we’ve seen that Africash loan app is a very good option in getting instant loan to satisfy your personal and business needs. Don’t forget to borrow wisely and read the customer reviews on playstore before downloading the app.

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