Calf for you loan app, review, how to apply

Calf for you loan app is a new and very good loan app in Nigeria. This loan app allows you to borrow money of up to ₦100,000 in order for you to manage your budget effectively.

One of the most fascinating thing about this loan app is that you don’t only borrow from it, you can also use the app as a loan calculator.

Wondering about your monthly payment or how much you can borrow? Calf for you Loan Calculator is the Tool You Need
Don’t borrow money without an “Calf for you”.

If you want to improve your money negotiations and save valuable money. For all loan item and mortgages, “Calf for you” is a must have app.

This great loan calculator helps you manage your budget effectively and make the right financial decisions for you and your business.

Whether you are interested in any of the loan services or are considering buying a home, the Calf for you quick and easy simulation will show you how you can afford it, the Calf for you is the perfect decision.
If you are sure that you need a loan at the moment, please install the app and apply as soon as possible. Can help you with a thorough analysis of your loan.

How to get a loan from calf for you app

1. Download and install the calf for you loan app from google play store

2. Register and sign up in the app

3. Apply for loan

4. Get your loan disbursement into your bank account


1. Must be above 18 years

2. Must be a resident of Nigeria

3. Valid documentation

4. Must have a bank account with BVN

5. Must have a valid phone number

Loan features

1. Set interest-only, term loan principal.

2. Calculate any type of loan like mortgage, car loan.

3. Loan disbursement

Customer Care details

Address:3DUU, 96+WJD4, Delta, Nigeria

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