CashRun loan app: Get fast loan of ₦500,000 in Nigeria

CashRun loan app is an online loan app that offers fast growing instant personal loans in Nigeria in a matter of minutes. With this loan app, you can borrow money, wherever, whenever. One of the most fascinating thing about this loan app is that it is unsecured. 

This means that you do not need any paperwork, upfront payment nor collateral to get a loan from cashRun loan app.

In this article, we will see the requirements needed to get approval from cashRun. We will also see the loan features, interest rate and how to apply for loan from them.

CashRun loan features 


1. Must be between 18 – 65 years old

2. Must have an Android phone with stable internet connection.

3. Must have active bank account with BVN.

Loan Amount

As a first timer, they offer you a loan ranging from ₦10,000 to ₦500,000

Interest rate 
APR:Maximum 36% per annum
Minimum repayment period offered = 91 days
Maximum repayment period = 180 days
No Hiding Fees

For a borrower who takes out a personal loan of   ₦10,000 within a 91-day period and makes payment on the 91st day, the following charges will be charged:
Total interest payable: ₦ 10,000 * 36%/365 *91= ₦ 897
Repayment amount (loan amount + interest): ₦ 10,897

How to get loan from CashRun

1. Download the loan app from google play store and quickly fill out paperless forms within the app

2. Verify your identity through a secure system

3. Apply for a loan

4. Get a loan directly into your bank account

Privacy and Permissions of the app

When you download the app, they ask to access and review certain information, such as your SMS history, to verify your identity and reputation. They take privacy very seriously. They promise never to share your personal data without your direct permission. To read more about their privacy and permission, visit there website.

Customer care contact details

If you have any questions, feedback or enquiry, please contact their customer care service through the details below:

Service hours: 9:00 – 16:00
Address: 9 Jibowu St, Jibowu 101245, Lagos.


So far in this article, we’ve seen that CashRun loan app is a very good option in getting instant loan of up to ₦500,000 to satisfy your personal and business needs. Don’t forget to borrow wisely and read the customer reviews on playstore before downloading the app.

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