How to stop catched status on Whatsapp from saving

Probably, you’ve experienced this recent issue that WhatsApp users are facing recently–that of status automatically saving on your phone without your permission. To be sincere, this can be very frustrating. Seeing images and videos you don’t know about entering your phone, it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been facing this issue recently and I engaged in a research to find out the cause and the solution. Happily, I found the solution and that’s why I’m writing this article to help you know the cause of this problem how you can stop catched WhatsApp status from saving on your phone.

Firstly, I want you to know that this issue is not from files app–where you see the catched WhatsApp status. I came across people complaining to files by google, feeling it’s from them.

The issue is purely from WhatsApp, Meta platform. It seems there is a kind of bug in a version of app. So, don’t blame files by google or any other app for this catched status problem. Blame WhatsApp.

How to stop catched status from saving on Whatsapp 

Follow the easy steps below to stop catched WhatsApp status from saving on your mobile phone.

1. Head to google play store.

2. Type WhatsApp messenger on search bar.

3. Click the update button to automatically update your WhatsApp version to the latest one.

4. Confirm whether catched status is still showing.

This is just the simple steps involved in stopping catched WhatsApp status from saving on phone.


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